This website is for those wanting to start a business

but still need to work their regular jobs to maintain their current lifestyle.

We will take you through our journey by showing you what products we make,

the steps taken to make them along with how you too

can make an income while building a home-based business.

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About the Authors

Paul from DustyWorkbench orange border -Nov 2019


My entrepreneurial journey started before having children. Once we had a family, my priority changed to be more cautious with our finances. I wanted something more secure to ensure I can support our family. Now that our two awesome boys are starting to create their future, I'm returning to starting a business with my wife as I head towards retirement...from my day job. I hope you enjoy following our journey.

Paul and Brenda at DustyWorkbench orange border -Nov 2019


Hi. Welcome to DustyWorkbench. I'm Brenda, co-owner and wife of Paul. Paul and I both love to design, create and put together wood projects that will no doubt put a smile on its new owner's face. We thrive on new challenges and would love to make your next acquired furniture piece your most cherished one for your home. Give us a won't regret it!

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