Hi We're Paul and Brenda,

Follow us on our journey!

We will show you how we are creating our  woodworking business from home.

Let us take you along our journey into creating a small woodworking business from home while still working full time. We will talk about the good and the bad times we've encountered along the way. You'll have access to ready made woodworking plans so you can start building your own furniture or woodworking business today.

Visit our online store to see furniture that we have built or you can contact us for custom requests.

4-drawer console table using calcium carbonate diy chalk paint
Rustic Hallway Table final finished appearance 2
Outdoor Loveseat made from reclaimed wood
Completed antique white coffee table with all hardware attached

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My entrepreneurial journey started before having children. Once we had a family, my priority changed to be more cautious with our finances. I wanted something more secure to ensure I can support our family. Now that our two awesome boys are starting to create their future, I'm returning to starting a business with my wife as I head towards retirement...from my day job. I hope you enjoy following our journey.

Paul and Brenda at DustyWorkbench orange border -Nov 2019


Hi. Welcome to DustyWorkbench. I'm Brenda, co-owner and wife of Paul. Paul and I both love to design, create and put together wood projects that will no doubt put a smile on its new owner's face. We thrive on new challenges and would love to make your next acquired furniture piece your most cherished one for your home. Give us a try....you won't regret it!

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