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DIY Fallout Sign and Vault Boy

By Paul

April 26, 2024

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Fallout's got you hooked, and you want a piece of the action in your own home? This post will guide you through the process of creating a weathered Fallout sign and a classic Vault Boy, just like in the games and the new Prime show!

Materials and Tools

While we won't have a play-by-play in the video, we can use the after-effects to crack the crafting code. You'll likely need a design program like Canva to create your Fallout sign and Vault Boy templates. Then, the key tool is a laser cutter and Lightburn – it precisely cuts your designs from wood, plastic, or other sturdy materials.

Painting Like a Wastelander Pro

Here's where things get interesting! Be prepared to adapt – in the video I show how our paint was a bit thick. Thinning it with water was a great solution for this project, though maybe not the best for a future masterpiece.

The real Fallout magic comes next – achieving that perfect weathered look. I went beyond paint, using a surprising technique: cinnamon! It might sound strange, but it adds a subtle rust effect, giving your sign that authentic wasteland vibe.

Building Your Wasteland Icons

The painting process might involve some experimentation. In the video I hint at using brown, white, and finally black paint to achieve the desired effect. Don't be discouraged by a few tweaks – in the end, it's all about capturing that worn-out aesthetic.

The Vault Boy, I used a simple technique of spray painting the different parts the required color and it surely add to my Fallout ensemble.

Wasteland Crafting Challenges

In the video I offered a glimpse into a few challenges you might face:

  • Thick/Old Paint: Thinning your paint might be necessary for better application.
  • Weathered Perfection: Achieving the right color for that perfect post-apocalyptic look takes a bit of practice.

But hey, that's half the fun! The video highlights the learning experience. You might discover a new technique like the cinnamon trick, or learn valuable tips for future wasteland-inspired projects.

Laser Up Your Crafting Game

You probably noticed that this video definitely makes a case for a laser cutter – it simplifies those intricate cuts. If you don't have access to one, alternative tools like a scroll saw or bandsaw could work, but achieving those fine details might be a bit tougher.


This video takes inspiration from a Fallout fan's creative journey. With some basic tools, readily available materials, and a dash of experimentation, you can craft your own Fallout-inspired decorations and bring the wasteland directly to your home!

Don't have laser? You can get one like this xTool that will do the job : https://amzn.to/3Uvua0x

Thank you for your interest.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.



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