Antique White Hallway Table with dark drawer

Antique White Shaker Style Hallway Table with 1 Drawer

Hallway Table

After building the shaker style coffee table and finishing in an antique white chalk paint finish we knew we wanted to build more furniture with the same style.

This narrow hallway table is perfect for homes with narrow hallways and want to accent the area with some furniture that won't get in the way of household traffic.

The center drawer is functional and can be used to store small items like keys and change.

In the photos we took we didn't put anything on the bottom shelf but you can certainly add your own flare for style by placing some decorative items there.

Having a hallway table also provides an amazing focal point for seasonal decorations.

Building this project can be an easy weekend DIY project or if you prefer to have it built and live in our Ottawa, Canada region we can build it for you. ( Sorry we're not in the shipping business...yet)

As we've mentioned in our other blogs and videos we try to build furniture or projects using reclaimed materials. 

This hallway table was built using a combination of reclaimed wood and new rough cut lumber.

We used rough cut pine wood but you can certainly use any type of wood you prefer and apply any finish that suites your design style.

The style we chose appears to be a very popular design and we added our own little twist by keeping the center drawer dark wood.

Using reclaimed wood and some leftover wood scraps from our workshop the cost of materials for this project was quite low.

Now lets get this project going.

How We Built It

Design and Dimensions

Hallway Table in Sketchup image

As per our usual process we started by sketching out some ideas on scrap paper then created a more formal drawing in Sketchup.

I'm still learning how to fully use Sketchup so I apologize in advance for it's limit to detail at this time. It can only get better with time.

With the plan in hand we started pulling out the leftover wood in our shop and started figuring out how we can use it and if there is enough or the right lengths to build it.

Unfortunately we did not have anything we could use to build the legs...that is in a way that looked decent. 

So we had to head out to the lumber yard to get a couple of pieces of wood to make the legs. We had enough wood for the rest of the table. The only other thing we bought was the drawer handle.

With all the lumber and hardware in hand we are ready to build this thing!


Shopping List 

  • 2 - 2" x 2" x 72", Pine Boards
  • 2 - 1" x 12" x 96", Pine Board
  • 1 - 1/2" x 3" x 36", Pine Board

Note: Lumber size listed is in actual size. Learn more about Nominal vs. Actual sizes here.


  • Pine Wood -we used rough cut pine lumber but you can use any grade to save on prep time.
  • Pocket Hole Screws
  • Wood Screws
  • Wood Dowels
  • Wood Glue
  • Chalk Paint
  • Dark Wood Stain
  • Chalk Paint Wax or Wipe-on Polyurethane
  • Handle/Hardware


Must Have Tools
  • Safety Glasses
  • Ear Protection
  • Dust Mask
  • Sandpaper
  • Drill
  • Tape Measure
  • Square
  • Circular Saw
  • Paint Brush
Advanced Tools
  • Compound/Miter Saw
  • Table Saw
  • Pocket Hole Jig
  • Dowel Jig
  • Impact Drill
  • Orbital Sander
  • HVLP Paint Sprayer
  • Joiner
  • Planer

Cut List

  • Top
    • 3 -1 x 12 x 8" ( then cut in various widths for rustic effect)
    • 4- 1 x 1 x 44"
    • 4 - 1 x 1 x 5"
    • 1 - 1 x 3 x 41"
    • 2 - 1 x 3 x 13 1/2"
  • Legs
    • 4- 2 x 2 x 32" 
  • ​Shelf
    • 3 -1 x 12 x 8" ( then cut in various widths for rustic effect)
    • 2- 1 x 1 x 44"
    • 2 - 1 x 1 x 5"
  • Drawer
    • 2 - 1/2  x 3  x 12"
    • 2 - 1/2  x 3  x 5 1/4"
    • 1 - 1/2  x 3  x 13" ( drawer front)

Steps To Building The Shaker Style Hallway Table

We started by taking out the pencil and paper to sketch out our plan.

Planning out the Hallway table

We used reclaimed wood that took a few more steps to create the top and shelf look we wanted but using new lumber will allow you to use 1" thick rough cut boards to create the same effect.

Some scrap wood used for the Hallway Table

Using reclaimed wood meant we had to glue a thin 1/4" plywood we had to another 3/4" plywood scrap wood we had available to make up the 1" thick board.

Assembling top and bottom shelf for hallway table

The completed top and bottom shelf turned out great. Maybe too great for the look we were looking to have so we ended up having to rough them up a little. If we used rough cut lumber it would have saved us some time. 

Top and bottom shelf glued up for the hallway table

Now that the shelves are complete we can now attach them to the legs. We used a combination of glue, notching, and pocket holes.

Attaching the bottom shelf to the legs

The shelves are attached, now we can complete the look by adding the surrounding wood  below the top shelf and build the drawer.

Hallway table is all coming together

We completed the assembly so now it is time to sand, and sand, and sand. Notice we roughed up the shelves.

Sanding the hallway table to prep for homemade chalk paint

Somehow we lost all of our DIY chalk paint footage and we are now going straight to the final finish. We wanted a true antique look so we decided to use a wipe on polyurethane that will yellow the white somewhat to create a true antique looking hallway table.

Final finish on the hallway table

The finished table matches well with the antique white coffee table we built. 

You can take a look at other projects we created by checking out the other categories or blogs on this website.

If you have any questions or comments to make about this build be sure to leave them below we would  love to hear from you.

Hallway table with antique white finish

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Jan - September 7, 2019

What a great guide you have posted.

You have gone into great depth along with showing all the details of how we can do a great job.

I learned a few new tricks today, lets hope I can put them to use and my items look as stunning as yours

Look forward to coming back to check out your next projects


    Paul - September 7, 2019

    It was a fun project for us as well and really love how it turned out.

    I touched on the idea of using homemade chalk paint but did not get into details as I want to write a blog about our experience with using a couple of homemade chalk paints.

    Stay tuned for more to come.


Tim - September 7, 2019

Hi Paul this is a brilliant idea and an awesome article! 

I love the fact that you put in pictures in your steps, it shows that you were actually building the table and not just re-selling some finished product.

It’s always a good idea to use reclaimed materials instead of new ones, as it reduces the cost and also helps reduce the damage to the environment.

Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work! 

    Paul - September 7, 2019

    Thanks for your encouraging feedback.

    The main goal for this site and it’s related projects is to reuse materials in innovative ways. Some projects may use newly cut wood but then we can use the extras/waste for other projects. 

    As we move forward we will try to use more waste materials while still creating items that are useful and blend in well with today’s design trends.



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