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How to Fill Nail Holes in Trim -No Sanding Required

By Paul

November 10, 2021

Ever have those moments when you are trying to get a job done but then you have to redo things over because one part of the job affects the other?

That's where this tip for filling nail holes can help.

Nailing primed or pre-painted trim used to bug me so much. So much so I would try to avoid nailing them and use an adhesive like NoMoreNails but then you need tons of clamps or  weights to keep the trim in place until the glue cures. That Glue is not cheap either.

With this trick you can nail away, fill the holes with the filler of your choice and you do not need to sand, well maybe a little to get the filler flush but no need to sand the whole surrounding area.

It's as easy as 1-2-3

1-Using pieces of painter's tape, place them in the areas you plan to set a nail and nail through the taped areas.

2-Fill nail holes with your choice of filler. No need to worry if you add too much over the tape.

3-When dry remove the excess with your finger or a quick brush with a fine grit sandpaper (~150+), remove the tape and you are done.

If you need to color match the filler, after the quick finger cleaning or sanding then this the time you can brush over with your paint. Let it dry then remove the tape.

No need to sand off all the excess filler from the trim, no need to re-prime or re-paint the area.

Ready to move on to your next job!

We hope you find this information helpful.

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Leave us a comment below if you liked this video and let us know of any tricks you learned over the years.


Paul and Brenda

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