Ryobi 18V Palm Router

By Paul

February 22, 2022

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We have been eyeing a palm router for some time but wondered whether it would be a tool we would use in our workshop.

We have full-size routers and a router table so we were not sure a palm or trim router would be worth getting.

The idea of not having to plug in a cord to do quick routing jobs was appealing.

One day we were at our local Home Depot and we saw that the Ryobi was on sale. It was under $100 and figured it would be worth trying. 

The deal was for the tool only, no battery.

This was acceptable for us as we already had a few Ryobi tools at home so we had a number of batteries to pop in this tool to give it a go.

Once we had it home it was easy to unbox, throw a battery in and switch it on.

The removable base was easy to figure out without looking at the manual. 

With the base removed, we were able to insert a router bit, tighten it up with the provided wrench, install the base back on.

Ryobi p601 palm router

Adjusting the depth was super easy. The quick-release lever allows for fast depth adjustment that also has a micro-adjustment feature to zero in on the exact depth required.

Now all loaded with a 1/4" shaft router bit we put it to the test.

We switched it on and to our surprise, it also had an LED light to illuminate the work surface.

The Ryobi P601 Palm Router had no trouble handling any job we put it through.

We even created dado grooves for a plywood shelving unit we were making. The palm router handled it like a pro.

Ryobi palm router quick release

PRO Features:

-Low Price

-Can cut over 600 linear ft. per charge

-Speeds up to 29,000 RPM

-Quick-release lever for easy depth adjustment and base removal but alos has Micro-adjustment for precise depth control

-Die-cast base for maximum durability and see-through window

-LED illuminates work surfaces for increased cutting visibility

-Soft rubber grip with microtexture for optimum grip and user comfort

-Accepts all standard 1/4 in shank router bits


-No variable Speed

-No vacuum attachment

-Does not come with an edge guide

Ryobi 18V palm router

In summary, the Ryobi 18V palm router performs well for its price. This being our first palm router we were really pleased with how easy it was to unpack and start using. It is powerful enough for any of the projects we build and feel that it fulfills its job.

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